How to Prepare Your Child for Visiting a Psychologist

How to Prepare Your Child for Visiting a Psychologist

The first step in preparing your child for a visit to a child psychologist in Abu Dhabi is to explain what to expect at the appointment. Make sure your child knows who will be there and why. If they are young, let them know that they will play with toys. If they are older, talk about the importance of meeting with a counselor to understand what will be happening. In addition, you should tell them that they will be doing activities like listening, talking, drawing, building, or playing with toys.

Discuss the reason for the appointment with your child:

To help children feel comfortable about the visit, parents should discuss the reason for the appointment with their child. Explain that it is not a physical exam and just a talk about feelings. This will reassure your child that the session is not scary and that there will be no shots or exams. By introducing your child to the psychologist before the appointment, you can prepare them for the experience and read a few books to make the process easier for them.

Ensure that your child is comfortable with the process:

The psychologist will ask questions and collect information about your child’s problems. When your child is calm, explain that they will play with their toys. In addition, you can also provide them with snacks or drinks before their appointment. The most important step in preparing your child for a psychological evaluation is to keep the experience positive and fun for both you and your child.

Be honest with your child about the visit to the psychologist:

If you are unsure what to expect, your child may feel embarrassed to ask you about the appointment. It’s okay to have some questions but ask them if they feel ashamed or nervous. If your child is afraid of the psychologist, try to avoid saying the word “test” at the first session. This way, you’ll ensure that the psychologist hasn’t used the word “test.”

Let your child know that there are here to help them feel better:

As a parent, you must let your child know that the psychologist will listen and help them feel better. Moreover, it’s important to spend quality time with your child after the appointment. This way, you will help your child have an open mind and trust the process. And the process will be less stressful for both of you.

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