Points required to qualify for Australian immigration

Immigration is a process to shift from one country to the other in order to get benefits from the other country. People go to other countries for study purpose and some go to do work there and get some money. When people want to choose Australia immigration program to get benefits from Australia then then need to get some points in different tests. These tests are necessary to perform because if not performed then people will not get visa and also if the points are lower than the required points then visa will not be given to the candidate so you have to get proper points in all of the following tests:

Age: Sometimes people think that there is no need to consider age when they want to get visa of other countries like immigration Quebec Canada but there are certain points for age too. If a person is between the age of 18 to 24 then he will get 25 points for age and if a person is between 25 to 32 then he will get 30 points and if he is above 45 then he will get no point which means the perfect age to get visa is between 25 to 32. It is because in this age people are mature enough to do good decisions and also they are energetic to do whatever they want so countries need such people for the betterment of their countries.

English language: As English is the universal language so it is necessary to get good points in English proficiency test. People who have English as their first language do not have to give this test as they know English but others are bound to give these tests. These tests are of 3 levels.   One is the superior level in which if a person gets 8 bands in IELTS then he will get 20 points otherwise he has to repeat the test after few weeks or months. Second is the proficient level in which if the person gets 7 or more bands in IELTS then he will get 10 points. Third one is the competent level in which the person will get 6 bands or more than that and he will get 0 point for this so it is necessary to pass the test with 8 or more bands but 7 or more are also eligible.