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What would happen if we lost all our teeth? (Children’s Guide)

It’s so easy for us to often take our teeth for granted. We take very little care of them when they obviously deserve a lot more. Well, have you ever wondered what would happen if one day you wake up without teeth? It’s hard to look at the consequences of our actions when they have not even occurred. So here is a detailed guide to what a day in life without teeth would look like:

Let’s start off the day by waking up when you yawn and suddenly realize all the air coming in your mouth is due to the sudden emptiness in it. You know what would be the next – and only – best part of not having teeth? You won’t have to worry about brushing and flossing anymore. Just go ahead and have your breakfast. But wait, you cannot have your favourite peanut butter and jam toast or even a simple pancake for breakfast because you no longer will have teeth to chew down the food and this limits the intake of variety of food so just go ahead and have that plain glass of milk (Ahh, come on, it can’t be that bad). Before you could argue with your mum about the boring glass of milk you will have to take some speech lessons because no teeth means you will not be able to talk anymore. Speaking would be a huge challenge because teeth play a major role in forming words.

But when you finally get ready for school you will be scared of your own smile because it would embarrass you about what your friends and teacher think in school would think. You could no longer talk correctly and not even share your lunch with them. This will hold you back from interacting with new people and your confidence level will start lowering.

But thankfully this is all just hypothetical situations because we know you take care of your teeth dearly, right? With the best dental implant clinic in Dubai available you will be able to take care of this all so let’s just hope that you never find a need to visit pediatric dentist in Dubai for such a serious and painful situation.

Stay healthy and take care of your teeth.