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The Lacking in Dementia Care Homes

While in the last few decades, there have been a number of policies and measures designed to improve the health of patients with the best dementia care homes, very little has changed. It’s observed by the research that even by to let properties shifted the kind of business. For buy to let investments UK focused through corners and resulted in a slight betterment.

Scientists, MDs and Professors of age associated diseases and Deans of a renowned University’s Medical School spoke about this issue with NeurologyLive at the 2019 Global Alzheimer’s Association Conference in Los Angeles, California. It was listed that the need for improved medical preparation and better patient care as two main obstacles that must be addressed. In an appraisal of the twenty four care homes carried out by him and his staff, 22 still had to be improved although they were rated satisfactory.

This was partially because the appraisal of nursing homes focuses on the fulfillment of the physical health criteria of a patient, which does not actually reflect the actual experience of people with dementia in these homes.

It was surprising first of all. But even more surprisingly, this has not really changed in the last twenty years despite a whole series of political initiatives. I believe it’s time we stopped pretending we’re doing something. In fact, we didn’t do anything about it really.

Several questions were asked, on the reply of which they explained:

  • In the UK, for some time we have looked at home care in some depth over about twenty years and I believe it has changed very little. It was measured by monitoring people six hours per day to see what they did every five minutes, how well it was, what their job was and how poor the profile was. People spent a lot of day sleep, a lot of it in trouble and very little of it does anything positive or communicate with others. In 40 percent of the care homes we looked at, people used to talk to someone else less than 4 minutes a day.
  • It was pretty shocking first. More surprisingly, however, this hasn’t really changed, despite a large number of political campaigns over the last 20 years. I believe it’s time we stopped pretending to do something about it. In reality, we didn’t do anything about that actually. One of our big problems in healthcare homes is how to train staff properly, and it translates into the management in care homes and the criticism of staff if service has not always been as good as it can be. Although they do a lot of the time, they do a very hard job. Many of the people providing the realistic treatment have a small or modest wage and are not properly trained or assisted. We ask you to do a job that is nearly impossible, and I believe we have to prepare you.