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Things you need to know about the History of Salsa Dance

Dance is a good way to engage all body muscles and to create coordination in whole body. It is great activity in free time and to relax your mental state. There are many types of dances but the one type of dance which is old and the one can enjoy it is Salsa dance. Even now a days, many people dance as exercise to reduce their weight too. If you are living in Dubai then you can enjoy dance classes in Dubai. But if you are specifically looking for Salsa classes in Dubai you can also find these in dance schools of Dubai. 

Salsa dance is a fun activity and you will enjoy while doing it. Dance classes also gives you advantage that your social interaction with other persons increase. And you can also join dance classes to boost your confidence. 

It is old dance type and this dance style is used everywhere in dance shows and in entertainment industry too. Well, it is interesting to know about its history. If you don’t know about then you can read this article to know about its history. 

History of word Salsa:

The Salsa word first time was used in 1960 to promote Latino music. So in simple words we can say that Salsa dance was introduced to promote Latin American music. This dance was originated from Eastern Cuba and then it also became famous in Havana. In Cuba, it was introduced by Spanish rulers. So it was introduced by different nations and now it is mixture of their dance types.  It was introduced in eastern Cuba in 1900s. Then with the involvement of different nations, different types of styles were involved in this dance type. Cuban-son and Afro-Cuban Rumba are the two famous dance styles of Salsa. 

Then evolution of Salsa remained continue till the last 50 years. Some of the steps of Salsa were also added by the influence of Cuban music and American Jazz. So, the Salsa which is common now a days is the revolution of Cuba. 

Salsa music:

Well, if you are interested to learn Salsa dance then you must know about Salsa music. Salsa dance is always performed on Salsa music. Different Carribean rhythms and instruments are used to develop Salsa music. Salsa Casino is the most famous type of Salsa dance.