Silver screen – a word on Indian cinema and its popularity

If statistics are to be believed and there is no reason not to do so, Indian movie industry is arguably the biggest in the world. In fact, it is so big that each year, more than hundred documentaries and over seven hundred films are made. Even the likes of Hollywood, the movie headquarter of the world as some like to call it, lags behind in numbers. The sheer numbers will make you think about the country, the people and culture and rightly so. After all, knowing what goes through the minds of the nation that loves their cinema and stars so dearly is important. Indian movies are popular globally but they are more popular in Asia compared to Europe and Americas. However, the amazing popularity these movies get in the Middle East is quite amazing. Of course, a sizeable presence of Indian migrants here is indeed one of the telltale factors why they are so popular in this part of the world. South movies Hindi dubbed are often released in this region for obvious reasons. Despite that, the overall popularity is indeed amazing and you will notice that most of these movies are actually dubbed in Arabic as well as Hindi for viewers who don’t understand Tamil and other South Indian languages.

Reasons for popularity

In case you are left wondering why these movies are so popular among local crowd, wonder no more, as stars are recognized here too. With star performers like Mohan Lal, Rajinikanth and others, south Indian movies are enjoyed by local as well as expats. The popularity is such that even people from countries like Pakistan love to see these movies and often wait for the upcoming releases.

Hindi movies

It can be said that Hindi movies, when compared to their counterparts from the south are a little more popular due to obvious reasons. Surprisingly, Hindi happens to be one of the languages that even many locals understand and speak flawlessly which is why they find watching these movies entertaining. After all, the stars in these movies along with direction are a cut above. The introduction of modern equipment and technology is only allowing producers to come up with better movies.

If you are looking for Indian movies Dubai, chances are that you will find many cinemas showing those almost each day. The current movies are being displayed and the upcoming ones may be visible in posters across the venue. Book your tickets if you are a fan else you might have difficulty doing that during full houses.