Kitchen Remodeling Tricks for Beginners

The general contractor usually manages the work of several subcontractors, who will cause a lot of noise and mess for weeks, if not months. This means you’ll be in your home for a longer period while your kitchen remodels continues. It’s important to consider your schedule and do-it-yourself skills before remodeling your kitchen in Dubai. These tips will help you avoid making design mistakes such as “form over function” and avoid overcrowding.

Increase countertop space by installing open shelving

Adding open shelving can make your countertops look bigger, but you must remember to keep the shelves uncluttered to avoid clutter. You can also add thin pull-out cabinets for small kitchen items. If you want more counter space, consider installing expandable countertops. For a modern look, you can also install corner shelves. They add continuity to the overall design of the kitchen. Install shelves beside the counters or base cabinets to create more counter space.

Avoid “form over function” design mistakes.

Most novices make “form over function” design mistakes when remodeling their kitchen. They tend to choose cabinets and visually appealing appliances but don’t have the same functionality. While it is tempting to try and impress your neighbors with custom cabinets and appliances, it will only cause problems down the road.

Prepare for construction noises.

Prepare for the construction noises to minimize the noise during a kitchen remodeling project. If you don’t have a soundproof room, consider using noise-canceling headphones. Find a quiet room far away from the remodel area if you need to work from home. Otherwise, you can opt for a cafe or other temporary location. You can also buy extra sheets and plastic wrap and prepare for the construction noises by stocking up on them.

Paint your cabinets before they go on the walls

Whenever painting the walls, you should paint your cabinets last. It is safer to paint your cabinets before putting them on the walls, and you can see them as you paint them. Alternatively, you can use low-tack tape to mask off the cabinets. Before starting the painting process, you should clean the walls and the upper cabinets of the kitchen. Kitchen walls are usually greasy because of the food that splatters out while cooking. In addition, upper cabinets often harbor debris and cobwebs.