3 Benefits of Losing Weight with a Gastric Balloon

The first and most important benefit of a gastric balloon in Dubai is reducing stomach size. The procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes, and most patients can return to work the next day. The surgery also requires only a small incision. Most patients lose around ten to fifteen per cent of their body weight during the procedure and can resume normal activities immediately. After the procedure, most patients lose anywhere from five to twenty pounds.

Size reduction:

Another benefit of gastric balloon treatment is size reduction. The procedure reduces the number of calories that a person consumes. A person who has a high BMI should consider this option because their excess weight puts strain on their joints. This will improve their mobility and reduce the amount of pressure on their knees. After the procedure, patients can eat most foods again. They will be able to eat four to five small meals per day.

It is painless and does not require an incision:

The surgery is relatively painless and does not require an incision. However, some patients will experience a sore throat for a short period after the procedure. After the balloon is removed, most patients resume their regular physical activity. They may need to take additional calcium and multivitamin supplements. Although these supplements may not be necessary after the procedure, they can help them maintain lower body weight.

Allows patients to enjoy food again:

The gastric balloon allows patients to enjoy food again. This means they don’t have to inhale their meals and don’t feel hungry after eating. Since their stomachs have a smaller volume, they can eat small, frequent meals. Some foods may stick to the balloon and cause heartburn and belching. Drinking plenty of water will help cleanse the balloon and improve your overall health. It also helps reduce the chances of regaining weight.

After the procedure, a patient can return to work and normal activities. Some patients require anesthesia during the procedure, but the process is quick and simple. Most people lose between 20 and 50 pounds. The amount of weight loss depends on the patient’s initial weight, but most patients lose ten to thirty per cent of their starting weight. The balloon is a built-in portion control system, which promotes weight loss.

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