Month: March 2022

  • 3 Benefits of Losing Weight with a Gastric Balloon

    The first and most important benefit of a gastric balloon in Dubai is reducing stomach size. The procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes, and most patients can return to work the next day. The surgery also requires only a small incision. Most patients lose around ten to fifteen per cent of their body weight […]

  • How to Prepare Your Child for Visiting a Psychologist

    The first step in preparing your child for a visit to a child psychologist in Abu Dhabi is to explain what to expect at the appointment. Make sure your child knows who will be there and why. If they are young, let them know that they will play with toys. If they are older, talk […]

  • Organic food: Why is it the right choice?

    There are many benefits to buying organic food from the organic store in Dubai, and the main one is that you’re not putting toxic chemicals into your body. These substances can damage your health, but they’re also more sustainable. Many supermarkets use artificial additives to give foods their color and taste. These additives can increase your […]

  • 4 Reasons Why People Lover Working with Car Parking Shade Suppliers

    There are many benefits to hiring car parking shade suppliers in UAE. These structures are a great way to protect your car from harsh weather and possible theft attempts. You can choose from a wide variety of different types of structures that are suitable for your specific needs. These structures also serve as a good way […]

  • Things You Must Know Before Choosing a University

    If you are looking for a graduate program, you will want to consider the university’s preparation before you begin. Some best universities in Dubai offer specialized master’s degrees and prepare students for employment, while others offer liberal arts programs. Ask questions about the program you are interested in, and what co-op or research opportunities are […]

  • Benefits of Choosing a Professional Voiceover Artist for Your Project

    There are many benefits to choosing a professional English voice over artist for your project. First, most VO artists are open to a long-term contract. They are also very skilled at reproducing the style and consistency of the original recording, which can save you time and money. Second, hiring a professional voice actor will enhance your brand’s […]

  • Essential Skills Every Psychologist Should Have

    To be a successful psychologist in UAE, you need to have the essential skills to succeed. These include understanding the feelings of others, communication, and analytical thinking. Psychologists deal with a lot of information, including the treatment of patients and research data. This means that your ability to organize and process information is essential. A […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About External Audits

    If you are preparing to undergo an external audit, you must understand what to expect and what elements are typically included in an audit. An external audit service will review a range of information about a company, including financial statements, accounting records, and other business information. Their job is to validate the accuracy of these […]